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  • VISA
Important VISA information updates:

Date posted  
17th December 2007 A letter from the Consul-General

Note:  Australia Post Money Orders is the sole accepted form of payment for consular services. The Australia Post Money Order must be on the name of the Consulate-General of Brazil.

Jurisdiction: The New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Norflok Island, Ashmore and Cartier Islands,Coral Sea Territory, Lord Howe Island, Heard and Mc Donald Islands, Coco Island Territory, Salomon Island , Pitcairns Island, Wallis & Futuna Islands, Loyalty Island, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia (FR), Palau, French Polynesia (Marquesas Islands, Society Island, Tabuai Islands, Tuamotu Attols, Gambier Islands), Independent Western Samoa, Eastern Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Fidji Replublic are on the Consulate General jurisdiction.

If you reside in VIC, TAS, SA, WA, ACT please log onto the Embassy website: for these services.

  • DO YOU NEED A VISA? Click here to know if you need a visa

    Australian passport holders need a visa when traveling to Brazil . The type of visa depends on the nature of the visit. All visas are multiple entries.Citizens of other nationalities may or may not need a visa also depending on the purpose of their visit. In order to know if it applies to your case and the type of visa you will need, see the following

  • VISA APPLICATION FORM is included on the information sheet below.
    The application form is required for all visa types.

  • Types of VISA

The information provided on types of visa is in Adobe Acrobat PDF. To open these files your computer must have installed an Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Reader program installed.

Tourist Visa
Business Visa

  • Other VISAS

Clergy and Missionaries
Independent Studies
Journalists, TV / Filming Crews & Professional Photo Shoots
News Correspondents
Performers & Artists
Researchers, Professors, Scientists & Amateur Sportspersons
Professional Sportsperson
Students Trainee or Under Exchange Programs and Apprendices
Temporary Work
Permanent Residence in Brazil - Investor
Permanent Residence in Brazil - Family Reunion
Permanent Residence in Brazil - Retirees
Permanent Visa(No Contract)
Voluntary Work

A valid international yellow fever vaccination certificate may be required when arriving in Brazil, if visitor has been to various African or South American countries before entering Brazil. A list of these countries can be viewed at On the page, click on List of countries and Brazilian towns with yellow fever cases. The Australian authorities may also require this certificate when arriving back in Australia.


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